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[VIDEO] Rio Tinto Unveils Mine of the Future, Hints at Big Data Optimization

The latest video from Rio Tinto allows viewers inside the inner workings of the companys ultimate project: Its Mine of the Future.The newly released vid...

|Sep 30|magazine4 min read

The latest video from Rio Tinto allows viewers inside the inner workings of the company’s ultimate project: It’s Mine of the Future.

The newly released video reveals how the company is utilizing its network of data to optimize and improve mining innovations as well as showcase the company’s initiatives of utilizing autonomous vehicles, drills and rail transportation for the project.

Since 2008, the company has been working to not just create a single mine site but rather plan and change the face of mining with step change improvements in productivity and efficiency.

The video reveals the answer lies in big data.

Rio Tinto beckons the question – “What new idea can we bring to mining to make it safer, more productive, or more sustainable?”

According to the video, Rio Tinto's Technology & Innovation (T&I) group focuses on creating sustainable value and competitive advantage by making improvements to the way it operates.

“T&I partners with the business and external partners to provide technical insights into how we run our operations and deliver our projects. To help us achieve our goals, we're also working with some of the best minds in the world of academia, through partnerships with leading institutions such as the University of Sydney and Imperial College London.”