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[VIDEO] Red-Hot Nickel Ball v.s. Everything

[VIDEO] Red-Hot Nickel Ball v.s. Everything

Nickel (symbol Ni and the atomic number 28) is a chemical element first discovered in 1751 by Swedish chemist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt. Thought to be one of the main constituents of the Earth's core, nickel is one of the many metals that make modern day life work. The strong, silvery-white metal is found in everything from the batteries in our televisions to the stainless steel in our kitchen sinks. 

Fortunately for viewers, nickel is also found on YouTube. 

The Red Hot Nickel Ball channel from Carsandwater is one of the best video series for witnessing what happens when nickel is heated up and placed upon random items. The results are too good to miss. 

A red-hot ball of nickel versus a block of ice...

...versus a watermelon

...versus jello

...versus a soccer ball

...versus artifical sweetner

...versus sand

...versus Rubik's Cube

...versus cheese