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[VIDEO] Mining Simulator for Caterpillar's D11T Track Dozer

The D134 Conversion Kit by Immersive Technologiesputs you in the operator seat of a real-life Capterpillar bull Dozer. Thevirtual technology simulates C...

|Aug 14|magazine3 min read

The D134 Conversion Kit by Immersive Technologies puts you in the operator seat of  a real-life Capterpillar bull Dozer. The virtual technology simulates Cat’s classic D11T bull dozer by combining a replica cab, fully functional controls and Advisor Monitoring System for an authentic D11T system.

In terms of training efficiency and realism, the D134 

"The realistic feel and exceptional depth perception of Immersive’s D11T simulator is very similar to the real machine," said Darren Culley, an experienced surface mining operator and trainer.

"I have no doubt that this training tool will revolutionize the way the mining industry trains people on dozers, especially for its ability to safely and efficiently replicate the tasks required to operate a dozer."

Immersive Technologies was recently chosen by Vale Ferrous Business to implement new solutions at their upcoming training center in Brazil.