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[VIDEO] Joy Global and the Internet of Things

[VIDEO] Joy Global and the Internet of Things

By 2020, approximately 26 billion objects will be linked together by the lnternet of Things, and manufacturing is likely to be a large part of this. According to recent research, most manufacturers believe the loT will have a positive impact on their business. The majority, however, do not have a plan set in place.

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Mining equipment company Joy Global has already jumped on the bandwagon, joining forces with Boston-based software company PTC to equip its operations center with PTC software to monitor maintenance needs, environmental metrics and safety conditions deep underground.

“It lets our customers focus on things that could take the system down,” said Joy Global President Ted Doheny. “They get so much data already, that it’s turning data into spam. This [software] turns data into information.”

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The platform has enabled Joy Global to optimize their remote monitoring and analytics processes around connected devices, allowing them to:

• Anticipate failures

• Efficiently respond to equipment problems reducing equipment downtime

• Reduce the cost of mining resources

• Improve the safety of the site and human capital

• Optimize mining production

Doheny added, “We are taking a significant amount of data off a longwall. We have over 7,000 sensors in a longwall so the data is very, very important, but most importantly is turning the data into information into results: how can we save money, produce more for less?”

All in all, the Internet of Thing is expected to be revolutionary and allow a new generation of productivity for the future. 

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