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Unearthed Solutions heads to Vancouver with Teck and SRR Mining

Unearthed solutions has announced a new hackathon event this year, to take place at the conclusion of Vancouver Start-up Week 2017.

The biggest, open invitation hackathon event in the mining industry is heading to Vancouver from September 20 to October 1st. The event is the latest in a long line of over 20 hackathon competitions, connecting over 3,000 innovators with industry experts.

Some of the largest resource companies have been involved with the events with the goal of bringing the some of the hardest challenges that the mining and resources industry faces, and connecting them with those who have the skillset and capability to address them.

For the first time, Teck and SRR Mining will sponsor the event, a sign of the hackathon’s growing presence in the mining industry.

Unearthed is a firm believer that the majority of research for potential solutions will come from “non-traditional sources”, including entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups.

Throughout the 54-hour event, rapid style innovation will take place, as software developers, programmers, data scientists, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs will all join forces and create new ideas to solve the industry’s biggest problems.

The innovators are guided, supported and mentored by industry experts and at the end of it all, the idea or the project developed will be 100% owned by those who made it.

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“Teck has a long tradition of innovation and we are proud to sponsor Unearthed and partner with the best and brightest to tackle challenges and create opportunities to strengthen the industry,” says Shehzad Bharmal, VP responsible for Technology Strategy, Teck.

This is a feeling shared by Alan Pangbourne, COO, SRR Mining Inc.

“The event will connect our extensive pools of raw data with a pool of top talent that are data analytic experts who don’t have access to such large data sets like ours. We are very interested in the results of such a diverse collaboration,” he says.

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