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Paradigm Releases Version 14 of its Mining and Exploration Software

Paradigm announced last week the release of the latest version of its integrated solution suite, Paradigm® 14. The new mining and exploration softwa...

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Paradigm announced last week the release of the latest version of its integrated solution suite, Paradigm® 14. The new mining and exploration software centers on the science and technology to facilitate effective seismic data processing and imaging, velocity modeling and seismic interpretation. The release provides over 700 new features and enhancements, covering everything from processing and imaging, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering and drilling and data management.

Paradigm 14 emphasizes on reducing exploration risk through various measures. The program allows users to visualize smaller features for exploiting modern reservoirs – fractures, thin beds and small faults and reduces the exploration risk by ensuring a clearer understanding of the subsurface; increasing the value of the investment in both legacy and modern seismic surveys; and verifying resulting from processing partners. Enhancements in the processing and imaging solutions, Echos®, GeoDepth® and EarthStudy 360®, enable the program to deliver high-definition images that allow users to see smaller features important for modern reservoirs.

According to Somesh Singh, chief product officer for Paradigm, “Paradigm has long been renowned for the high science and advanced technology of its products. With the Paradigm 14 Release and those that will follow, we are focusing on delivering on our mission of delivering advanced science for everyone by enhancing the user experience with convenient workflows and easier installation, in order to make these best-of-class technologies available to the entire user community.  We are confident that these improvements will enable our customers to obtain more value from their data, make better decisions and maximize return on their investment.”

Paradigm 14 applications include:

Earth Study 360® - Full azimuth imaging and characterization

Echos® - Seismic data processing

GeoDepth® - Velocity determination and modeling

SeisEarth® - Multi-survey regional to prospect interpretation

VoxelGeo® - Voxel-volume interpretation

Explorer® - Time-to-depth conversion

Probe® - Amplitude vs. offset/angle analysis and interpretation

Vanguard® - Seismic inversion and property determination

Sysdrill® Designer – Well planning


Paradigm applications will be featured at a variety of events this year, including EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam, booth #1200, IPA Convention & Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, booth #M6, and Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo in Acapulco de Juárez, booth #225.

Paradigm has been the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions for the global oil and gas industry for the last 25 years. A variety of experts in the mining sector rely on the company’s productivity tools and scientifically advanced applications to construct the industry’s most advanced subsurface models for mining and exploration purposes. With offices in 31 cities around the world, Paradigm represents a majority of the energy centers across the globe.