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Mining Global is Officially LIVE

Welcome to Mining Global. After months of planning, we are proud to present our brand new website and digital platform to the mining world.MiningGlobal....

|May 14|magazine5 min read

Welcome to Mining Global. After months of planning, we are proud to present our brand new website and digital platform to the mining world.

MiningGlobal.com is an online source for accurate, first class news across the global mining sector. Our newly-designed website brings a breath of fresh air to the existing news coverage and editorial commentary in the mining sector. Our vision is to transform the entire media landscape for mining executives, and we truly believe we have done just that.

Our bold digital layout brings industry stories to life through the use of visually-appealing images, videos and engaging content. Our interactive platform provides users with an optimal viewing experience by blending fluid site navigation with responsive design, creating the ultimate reading experience from almost any device.

Built into the site are a number of world-class features. Our content is broken down into a number of sub-sectors, including Mining Sites, Operations, Tech and Machinery, making for a user-friendly, easily accessible user experience. We also feature a Top 10 section, profiling the biggest names, mines and companies in the industry. Users will also have access to a comprehensive video library that showcases hundreds of the best mining videos from across the web.

Need help finding something? Our revolutionary navigation system utilizes “smart search”, giving readers a quick and easy way to find their favorite stories. Reading the latest edition of Mining Global is easy, too. Our contemporary magazine slider provides users with total browsing flexibility.

One of our key differentiators is our database, which reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the mining industry. At your fingertips is a complete database of company profiles, reports and associations. Users can also take advantage of our email newsletter services that will help mining executives, experts and entrepreneurs connect with each other online.

Our goal at Mining Global is to disrupt the way information about the sector is shared online, and we believe that we have created a portal where executives can source information, share stories and network with one another. As more and more users join the digital movement, the brand and its potential will continue to grow. We hope you enjoy reading Mining Global as much as we have enjoyed creating it, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Rob Spence, Editor & The Mining Global Team