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Komatsu launches mining technology start-up hackathon

One of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and equipment to the mining industry has entered the digital game, with the launching of a unique hackathon event.

Komatsu, a leading supplier of technology and equipment to the global mining industry, along with Unearthed Solutions has launched Komatsu: Transform Mining – a hackathon event with a twist.

Over the course of a 54-hour hackathon event held at River City Labs, Brisbane, mining technology start-ups will be given the opportunity to showcase how their technology applies to four major mining challenges.

Throughout the event, the start-ups will be provided with an opportunity to work closely with Komatsu mentors and leading figures within the business, offering insights into modern operations, technology gaps, implementation, integration and future vision.

“Innovation is created by a sense of crisis as a driving force. Mining sites are in a very harsh environment and both people and machinery have to keep fighting against the severe environment 24/7. Through hackathons with outside members who are familiar with mining sites, customers and advanced technologies, we greatly expect results that cannot be achieved by in-house evelopment,” said Ryoichi Togashi, General Manager, Komatsu.


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Start-ups will be presented with four problems that Komatsu is facing in the global mining industry, including wireless communication and localisation, health and safety monitoring, real-time material characterisation and efficient extraction of ore.

"We have supported Unearthed hackathons for the past 4 years and always view it to be a valuable experience for highly technical people. The quality of output across the weekend is always next level and it truly does attract the best talent who are keen to solve some industry specific problems,” said Peta Ellis, CEO, River City Labs. “We have a great working relationship with Unearthed and they have quality partners who understand the value in releasing usable data and information for the teams to work with”.

The event will take place from 23-25 February at co-working and tech hub River City Labs.



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