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[INFOGRAPHIC] Everything You Need to Know about Lithium

[INFOGRAPHIC] Everything You Need to Know about Lithium

Here’s a quick question: What is the primary ingredient in most of today’s technology? If you answered lithium you’d be correct, however, the real question should be “what’s in lithium?” 

As one of the world’s lightest metals, lithium is also one of the most reactive. The metal, which turns from silvery-white to dark grey when making contact with water and air, contains a single valence electron that can lend itself to many types of chemical reactions.

Since 1990, the demand for lithium has catapulted. The metal contains the highest electric output per unit weight of any battery material making it ideal energy storage for technology like electric cars, smart grids and an assortment of consumer electronics.

The following infographic breaks down everything you need to about the metal.The future goes through lithium.

(source Visualcapitalist)