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BHP Billiton building remote operations centre in Brisbane

BHP Billiton building remote operations centre in Brisbane

Mining giants BHP Biliton is creating an integrated remote operations centre (IROC) for its coal business in Brisbane.

The company opened its first IROC in Perth in 2013 in a bid to increase its ‘real-time visibility across it’s Pilbara operations” to help grow its iron ore production.

The facility included innovative technology such as a mine fleet management system, train control and fixed plant control systems for mine and port operations, as well as CCTV and radio systems to communicate across remote sites.

At the time, BHP Billiton’s Iron Ore President Jimmy Wilson said the facility also included an innovative Production Visibility Tool which “gives an overview of the entire Western Australian Iron Ore network at a glance"

"This is a milestone in technology and innovation for Iron Ore and centralises control of our Pilbara-based mine, fixed plant, train and port operations in one location," BHP Billiton's Iron Ore President Jimmy Wilson said.

"For the first time we can see our total supply chain, in real-time and in one place, enabling us to proactively make the right decisions for the whole business."

The news of the new facility comes after BHP Billiton recently announced its path to improve returns in its coal business, “unlocking productivity, reducing costs and releasing latent capacity.”

BHP Billiton’s coal business has delivered over $3billion since 2012 and the company is now targeting another $600 million by the end of 2017.

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