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The Best Project Management Software for Miners

Mining companies are highly complex, billion dollar corporation businesses. They dont have time to waste on complicated or unreliable software that does...

|Jul 30|magazine16 min read

Mining companies are highly complex, billion dollar corporation businesses. They don’t have time to waste on complicated or unreliable software that doesn’t deliver results. Companies need project and asset-driven software that manages the entire mine lifecycle from exploration, construction, operation and retirement, while optimized for remote access.

To be successful, miners need project management software that ensures unsurpassed real-time cost control, human resource management, occupational health and safety, financial and tenement management, procurement and document management.

We break down the best project management software based on cost effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.

Hard Dollar

Mine project and cost management software from Hard Dollar (HD) provides worldwide cost management for mining and exploration companies. The software provides increased budget accuracy and high visibility into project production and costs. Hard Dollar’s mine project cost management software provides detailed cost estimating, daily progress measurement, and live two-way integration of cost and scheduling.

Whether creating a feasibility study, cost estimate or bid to construct, the Hard Dollar software that can increase accuracy and visibility of mining projects. It minimizes the risk of overruns by capturing and recognizing every detail that contributes to the cost-estimate model, such a different shift arrangements, labor overtime, labor bonuses, escalation, drift cycle factors, and more.

Daily reports are also available for multiple projects, single projects, or specific activities. HD provides tracking for critical project information that can significantly reduce risks of project costs.  Inefficiencies in production and potential cost overruns are quickly identified, helping to minimize and eliminate the impact on the overall project.

Ramco Mine Management

Ramco’s solution software is suited for single or multi-mine, multi-geography, multi-modal transportation and multi-company enterprises. The integrated software provides processes and automation to: exploration, scientific mine planning, land management, procurement, inventory management, production, asset maintenance and management, supply chain planning, sales and marketing, customer relationships management, human resources and payroll, finance and analytics.

With Ramco, miners have complete visibility across all mines, stocks, beneficiation, transportation, schedules and non-mining business processes. The software provides increase production efficiency, optimized supply chain management and logistics, and scheduling. Ramco allows miners to make quick and smart decision with information about mines/plant operations and plans as well as adding power to companies by enabling them to plan, execute and track tasks with innovative mobile solutions.

Managing multiple exploration sites is easy with Ramco. The software manages exploration activities scientifically through an exclusive mining project monitoring software, directly capturing remote site surveys, geological and core log analysis dada from remote exploration sites. Land procurement and management is also streamlined with Ramco’s VirtualWorks, allowing miners to eliminate the hassles of conventional paper work.

Because transportation is the single largest cost in the mining supply chain, Ramco provides optimized insight into transportation, logistics and scheduling across supply chains as well as improved operational efficiency and reduced cost.

CCS Mining & Industrial

CCS mine project software provides detailed cost estimating, daily progress measurement, and up-to-date planning forecasts and schedules for mining companies. Since forming, the company has provided comprehensive software focused on solutions for mining and construction companies. The company’s software provides miners with a set of tools to succeed, including estimating, valuations, planning, cash flow, and forecasting modules – all packaged conveniently into a single interface.

The company’s project cost management software (Candy) provides estimated cost models for mine projects, helping miners, engineers and contractors increase accuracy and visibility of their cost models. Whether creating a feasibility study, cost estimate or a bid to construct a mine, CCS software is essential for success.

Candy Valuation Module provides detailed project feedback on actual costs of projects, giving miners immediate insight into allowable versus actual performance, including man hours, equipment hours, production, timing, cost and profit. Planning and forecasting are simplified as Candy Planning and Estimating module creates relationships between detailed cost model, work plan and forecasting scheduling.

With CCS’s Candy Software, risks of overruns are captured and recognized with every detail that contributes to the cost-estimate model. Things like shift arrangement, labor overtime, labor wages, escalation, and drift cycle factors are answered, empowering companies to make better project planning and estimating decisions.


IFS software provides mining companies with integrated finance, human resources, project management, inventory and supply chain management, contract management, and risk management straight to their fingertips. IFS Applications provides flexible component-based suite with documented strengths in project management and enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset integrity management. IFS has become a true solution for both head office and mine site staff.

IFS provides a massive amount of solutions for mining companies. Additional features of the software include: Project ERP, Enterprise Asset Management, Serve Management, Field Service Management, Manufacturing, Corporate Social Responsibilities Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Supply Chain, and Private Cloud ERP.

Global business management from IFS includes deep support for multiple manufacturing modes and business processes. The software allows divisions to share the same enterprise solution along with support for tax schema of vital emerging economies. The software also provides a broad variety of solutions for efficient reporting and enhanced control in the field of corporate social responsibility with fully integrated solutions to promote user productivity and reduce time spent on non-value-adding administration costs. 

The mining industry is chalk-full of project management software that will effectively provide insight and reliability to all your mining needs.