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Daimler joins the Responsible Cobalt Initiative

A leading German car manufacturer has joined a global initiative designed to improve the supply chain of cobalt across the world.

Daimler has announced that it has joined the Responsible Cobalt Initiative, a program which was established late in 2017 by the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC).

Daimler, owner of the Mercedes Brand, joined the RCI at the start of April, RCI Chairman Sun Lihui told Reuters.

“With the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI), Mercedes-Benz Cars is taking steps to combat the social and environmental risks in the cobalt value chain,” a Daimler spokesperson said.

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“Transparency and governance will be improved and the risks of child labour diminished”

Formed in 2016, the RCI became an official legal entity towards the end of 2017. Some of the worlds leading technology and manufacturing companies are part of the initiative, including Apple, BMW Group. Dell Technology, Sony Corporation and Huawei Device Ltd.

The CCCMC was established with three major goals;

  • To construct and promote a due diligence management system for the cobalt supply chain with the goal of increasing transparency and improve risk awareness.
  • To foster co-operation and promote community action in local mining communities to integrate local players into global value chains.
  • Develop effective and transparent communications to provide public regular visibility on progress made towards their goals, activities and results.