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Argentina mining officials tell Barrick Gold to clean up environmental actions

Argentinian mining officials tell Barrick Gold to clean up environmental processing operations

Barrick Gold has been told: clean up your act at the Veladero mine, Argentina.

Mining officials have insisted the company must overhaul its environmental and operating processes, while the environment ministry has asked for complete suspension of operations altogether, according to Reuters.

The news comes after a pipe carrying cyanide solution ruptured at the end of March, the third cyanide involved incident at the mine over the last two years.

The Veladero mine

Located in the San Juan Province of Argentina, the Veladero mine sits pretty in the highly prospective Frontera District.

Owned by Barrick Gold, Veladero is a conventional open-pit gold mining operation. In 2016, 544,000 ounces of gold were produced at the operation.

Projections for 2017 are aiming pretty high at 770,000-830,000 ounces of gold produced come the close of play 2017.


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