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BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto Could Capitalize on Falling Iron Ore PriceThe price of iron ore has dropped dramatically, falling 44 percent since its peak i...

|Jun 27|magazine9 min read

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto Could Capitalize on Falling Iron Ore Price

The price of iron ore has dropped dramatically, falling 44 percent since its peak in February 2013. And while that suggests bad news for most, it actually means quite the opposite for two of the world’s largest iron ore producers.

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[VIDEO] Ford Tests New 2015 F-150 at Barrick Gold Mine

Ford Motor Company has released a video of it testing out the first aluminum-bodied F-150 trucks at ‘Bald Mountain’ gold mine in Elko, Nevada. The site, which is owned and operated by Barrick Gold Corporation, is used to experiment if the automaker’s new F-150 trucks can handle the abuse of its most demanding customer, the mining industry.

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South Africa’s Five-Month Platinum Strike ‘Officially Over’

The five-month platinum strike that has plagued South African workers and platinum producers has officially ended.

On Monday, South Africa’s AMCU union declared the platinum strike ‘officially over’ as thousands of miners rejoiced.

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Top 10 Largest Mining Dump Trucks

We break down the top 10 largest mining dump trucks in the industry. From Caterpillar to Hitachi, we showcase the biggest and baddest mining dump trucks available.

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BHP Billiton Considering Cutting 3,000 Jobs in Australia

BHP Billiton is looking to cut more than 3,000 jobs from its iron ore division in Australia.

The company has already eliminated more than 500 jobs in recent months, including 100 from its headquarters in Perth, and the potential for more is looming. Australia’s once-booming mining sector is rapidly disappearing as China’s demand for imported materials such as iron ore, coal and copper cools down.

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Glencore Elects First Female Board Director in Patrice Merrin

Mining conglomerate Glencore has ended its reign as the last bastion of all-male boards in the FTSE 100, appointing Canadian Patrice Merrin as its first female board director.

At its annual meeting a month ago, Glencore chairman Tony Hayward expressed the company’s desire to elect a female director by the end of the year. According to business leaders around the globe, the move is a “breakthrough” of “enormous significance.”

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[VIDEO] Second Largest Excavated Hole in the World – Mir Diamond Mine

What started out as a small discovery in 1955 by Soviet geologists has transformed into one of the largest excavated holes the world has ever seen.

The open-pit Mir mine, located in Eastern Siberia, was once one of the largest diamond mines on earth, reaching depths of 1,722-feet and stretching 3,900-feet in diameter.

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