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Discover which Canadian mines are environmentally conscious

Original reported by our sister brand Business Review Canada, salmon season has once again hit Alaska, but there is a common fear amongst the fishing ec...

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Original reported by our sister brand Business Review Canada, salmon season has once again hit Alaska, but there is a common fear amongst the fishing economy that has resulted in the following question: will Canada’s new mining developments hurt the fish, ultimately hindering all fishermen’s livelihood?  

It was just last summer that an issue arose when the salmon cycle became disrupted as a dam holding back wastewater from the Mt. Polley copper and gold mine in British Columbia burst, sending more than six billion gallons of polluted water and mine waste into the Fraser River—where the salmon happened to be located.

Unfortunately, it’s still a little early to determine whether or not the salmon will be affected this season from various mining projects.  

However, we can still take a look at some of the different mines that are currently doing working (and succeeding) to help protect the environment. While this list doesn’t include every single mine doing its part to protect natural surroundings, it does include a handful of the big ones. Take a look!

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Barrick Gold Corporation

Focused on gold, this mining company is all about the act of responsible mining. With mining operations in Canada, Australia, the United Sates and many other countries, Barrick believes that wise environmental stewardship is based on careful work planning, diligent implementation, thoughtful assessment of performance and a constant desire to improve.

Barrick Gold Corporation is well aware of the fact that building and operating a mine will affect the physical environment around a mine site, including the land, air and water. Therefore, they are completely committed to minimizing or mitigating these impacts wherever possible, usually with the assistance of innovative technology.

Goldcorp Inc.

As a leading gold producer, Goldcorp is focused on responsible mining practices with safe, low-cost production. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, the mining company does its part to create partnerships with Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, with a motive to further a culture of economic independence, ownership, entrepreneurship and enterprise management.

It doesn’t matter what type of operation Goldcorp is involved in, the company consistently strives to protect and support social and cultural practices.

 Suncor Energy

A globally competitive integrated energy company with a balanced portfolio of high-quality assets, Suncor Energy does its part to protect the environment by investing in clean, renewable energy sources.

Specifically, the company has seven wind power projects in operation with a total capacity of 295 megawatts, and is also currently evaluating solar energy investment opportunities. Its EH&S policy—Environment, Health and Safety—states an unwavering commitment to the company’s value of safety above all else.  

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