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Australias Newest $16B Coal Mine is One of Worlds Largest

The Carmichael Coal mine is officially ready for creation.The Queensland government has signed off on the $16-billion coal development in the Galilee Ba...

|May 9|magazine5 min read

The Carmichael Coal mine is officially ready for creation.

The Queensland government has signed off on the $16-billion coal development in the Galilee Basin in the state’s central region.  Located north-west of Clermont, the Carmichael Coal mine will produce up to 60 million tons of coal each year and is expected to be one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

"If it proceeds, the Carmichael project would not only be the largest coal mine in Australia but one of the largest in the world,” said Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney. "But it would also be a vital project in opening up the hugely significant Galilee Basin."

Operating the mine will be Adani Mining and the company is forecasted to start shipping coal to India in 2106. The coal will be shipped through the controversial Abbott Point terminal. 

The project will include a 189-kilometre rail line, water supply infrastructure, a workers’ accommodation village and airport. The mine is expected to create 2,500 jobs during construction and 3,900 permanent jobs when operations begin

As part of the approval, Adani will be required to “make-good agreements with all affected landholders including the identification and provision of alternative water supplies.”

“Adani will also be required to contribute water monitoring data and funding to a Galilee region water resource model," Seeney said.

The Carmichael mine has been plagued with an array of criticism and controversy as of late. Environmental groups have slammed the state’s development and planning department for allowing the coal mine and rail project to proceed in the Galilee Basin. Even U.S. ice cream Company Ben & Jerry’s is getting involved, launching its own Save the Reef campaign in Australia.  

Upon approval from the government, Adani Mining is required to abide strict conditions regarding the mine.

“The stringent and wide-ranging conditions set by the coordinator-general include protections for local flora, fauna, landholder interest, ground water resources, the quality of surface water leaving the project site, air quality and noise and dust levels," Mr Seeney said.

"Projects that have languished for years in approvals are now being efficiently, yet rigorously assessed, signalling that Queensland is open for business.