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Alacer Gold merges with SRR Mining

The $1.72bn merger between American mining company Alacer Gold and the Canadian metals producer SRR Mining has been approved.

|Jul 23|magazine1 min read

Final approval was given by the Supreme Court of Yukon, subject to regulatory approvals, with the deal already having been approved by each company’s shareholders. The deal for SSR Mining to acquire Alacer Gold was signed in May. Shareholders in Alacer Gold will receive 0.3246 shares in SRR Mining for each of their existing shares.

Once the deal is finalised, SSR Mining will own 57% of shares in the new entity, which will continue to be known as SSR Mining. Alacer Gold will control the remaining 43%.

The merger creates a diversified metals producer with assets in four countries: Alacer’s Çöpler mine in Turkey, as well as gold mines in Nevada and Saskatchewan, and the Puna mine in Jujuy, Argentina.

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