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25 mining companies you should follow on social media

Associal mediacontinues to overtake traditional media, its no surprise mining companies are joining the trend. The list of miners signing up for sites l...

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As social media continues to overtake traditional media, it’s no surprise mining companies are joining the trend. The list of miners signing up for sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram has exploded in recent years, paving the way for companies to establish an online presence on their own terms.

In the age of social media, these are the top 25 mining companies you should be following.

World Gold Council

Facebook: @worldgoldcouncil; Twitter: @Goldcouncil; YouTube: @worldgoldcouncil

LinkedIn: @worldgoldcouncil; Instagram: @worldgoldcouncil



Facebook: @CatMining; Twitter: @CatMining; YouTube: @CatMining

LinkedIn: @Caterpillar Inc.; Instagram: @Catproducts

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Anglo American

Facebook: @AngloAmerica; Twitter: @AngloAmerican; YouTube: @AngloAmerican

LinkedIn: @AngloAmerican; Instagram: @AngloAmericanplc


Newmont Mining

Facebook: @NewmontMiningCorporation; Twitter: @Newmont

YouTube: @NewmontMiningCo; LinkedIn: @NewmontMiningCorporation



Facebook: @LiebherrMining; Twitter: @Liebherr; YouTube: @Liebherr

LinkedIn: @LiebherrMiningEquipmentCo 


Rio Tinto

Facebook: @RioTintoGroup; Twitter: @RioTinto; YouTube: @RioTintoVideos

LinkedIn: @RioTinto


Fortescue Metals Group

Facebook: @FortescueMetalsGroup; Twitter: @FortescueNews

YouTube: @FortescueMetalsGroup; LinkedIn: Fortescue Metals Group

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Facebook: @ThiessMining; Twitter: @ThiessMining; YouTube: @ThiessMining

LinkedIn: @Thiess; Instagram: @ThiessMining


Joy Global

Facebook: @JoyGlobalInc; Twitter: @JoyGlobalInc; YouTube: @JoyGlobalInc

LinkedIn: @JoyGlobal



Facebook: @Vale; Twitter: @ValeGlobal; YouTube: @ValeGlobal; LinkedIn: @Vale


Kinross Gold         


Facebook: @KinrossGold; Twitter: @KinrossGold; YouTube: @KinrossGold

LinkedIn: @KinrossGoldCorporation

Sandvik Group

Facebook: @SandvikMining; Twitter: @SandvikMining

LinkedIn: @SandvikMiningandConstruction; Instagram: @SandvikGroup


Barrick Gold

Facebook: @BarrickGoldCorporation; Twitter: @BarrickGold; YouTube: @BarrickGoldVideos

LinkedIn: @BarrickGoldCorporation; Instagram: @BarrickGold

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BHP Billiton

Facebook: @BHPBilliton; Twitter: @BHPBilliton; YouTube: @BHPBillitonTV

LinkedIn: @BHPBilliton


Vedanta Resources Plc

Facebook: @VedantaResources; Twitter: @VedantaLimited; YouTube: @TheVedantaGroup

LinkedIn: @VedantaResources


GE Transportation

Facebook: @GETransportation; Twitter: @GETransport; YouTube: @Getransportation1

LinkedIn: @GETransportation


Hastings Deering

Facebook: @HastingsDeering; Twitter: @HastingsDeering; YouTube: @HastingsDeering

LinkedIn: @HastingsDeering



Facebook: @Goldcorp; Twitter: @Goldcorp_Inc; YouTube: @GoldcorpInc

LinkedIn: @GoldcorpInc


De Beers Group

Facebook: @DeBeersGroupofCompanies; Twitter: @DeBeersGroup; YouTube: @DeBeers

LinkedIn: @DeBeersGroupofCompanies; Instagram: @DeBeersOfficial


Atlas Copco

Facebook: @AtlasCopco; Twitter: @AtlasCopcoGroup; YouTube: @AtlasCopcoCMT

LinkedIn: @AtlasCopco

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Richie Bros. Auctioneers

Facebook: @RitchieBros; Twitter: @RitchieBros; YouTube: @RitchieBros

LinkedIn: @RitchieBros; Instagram: @RitchieBros


Coeur Mining

Facebook: @CoeurMining; Twitter: @CoeurMining; LinkedIn: @CoeurMiningInc



Facebook: @ALROSA; Twitter: @ALROSA_OFFICIAL; LinkedIn: @AlrosaCompanyLimited; 

Instagram: @AlrosaDiamonds


Largo Resources

Facebook: @LargoResources; Twitter: @LargoResources1; LinkedIn: @LargoResourcesLTD

Instagram: @LargoResources



Facebook: @KomatsuEquipment; Twitter: @KomatsuAmerica; LinkedIn: @Komatsu

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