MineralAnswers.com Launches Platform Making Oil and Gas Data

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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MineralAnswers.com, a new knowledge platform on a mission to be the go-to resource – the Google – for energy information, launched its software-as-a-service for mineral owners, industry professionals and businesses to easily access regulatory oil and gas data. MineralAnswers.com is the first in the industry to make this nationwide energy data available for free.

The seed round was led by Bill Wood, co-founder of Austin Ventures and founder of Silverton Partners, two of the most prominent names in Austin's circle of tech investors.

"MineralAnswers.com presents a unique opportunity for disruptive innovation in a very large but technically lagging industry," said Bill Wood. "The size of the energy market and the platform capabilities create a potent combination that has tremendous potential for disruption."

MineralAnswers.com was founded by serial entrepreneur Jeff Chambers, who most recently was the technical product lead for the Expedia digital platform before starting MineralAnswers.com. Chambers has been in the oil and gas data industry since 2014 when he launched DrillingEdge.com, a company he bootstrapped to profitability.

"There are millions of participants in the energy ecosystem with a diverse set of needs, but nearly all of them express frustration at some level with existing solutions," said Chambers. "Our mission is to make the data accessible and simplify how individuals and businesses access and use it to answer questions. The first step was to remove the price barrier by making the data free, which opens many doors that were once closed. Next, we've built the most user-friendly SaaS product on the market, freeing customers from complicated systems that few understand."

The easy-to-use MineralAnswers.com software-as-a-service helps anyone in the energy industry get access to data and find answers to their questions quickly. Mineral and royalty owners, lawyers, family offices, oil and gas operators, service companies and investment firms are all experiencing how easy it is to work with MineralAnswers.com.

"Our platform services are maturing and we are very excited to be working with some amazing companies that leverage our technology, data, marketing and AI capabilities," said Chambers.

About MineralAnswers.com
MineralAnswers.com sees a world where every major energy decision is made based on informed insights available to everyone. The company is on a mission to be the go-to knowledge platform for energy information. Founded in 2019, MineralAnswers.com is headquartered in Austin, TX. For more information, visit www.mineralanswers.com.

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