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[SLIDESHOW] Mining Industry: Social Responsibility Programs in Action

In the eMalahleni region of South Africa, Anglo American has found a way to use excess mine water to fill its own needs, create jobs, and provide clean water to residents.
Goldcorp provides dental care to communities near its Penasquito Mine in Mexico.
Newmont's investment into the Ahafo Vocational School in Ghana has graduated 600 students, all of which have developed the skill sets they need to build wealth locally and provide services to the mine
African Barrick Gold, a division of Barrick Gold, has a dedicated community relations department to forge and build relations with the surrounding communities.
Newmont Ghana employees celebrate Valentine's Day by undertaking community service at the Chosen Rehabilitation Centre in Accra, Ghana.
A Goldcorp worker passes out food at one of its operations.
Goldcorp contributes to building schools and educating residents at is Marlin Mine in Guatemala.
Anglo American implements mobile health clinics at various operations.
Barrick Gold hosts hundreds of people for health tests during community events in Zambia
Diamond mining company De Beers continuously invests in local communities in which it operates, significantly investing in schools and education.
Rio Tinto taking pride in its community relations.

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining industry refers to voluntary actions taken by companies to either improve the living conditions of local communities via economic, social, environmental or to reduce the negative impacts of mining projects.

The idea is to go beyond that of legal obligations, contracts and license agreements.

CSR programs typically include investments in building social capital (providing school buildings, workshops on gender issues, family planning, improving hygiene), infrastructure (electricity, roads, hospitals, drainage repairs), and human capital (training local people to be employed by mining companies, and promoting and providing skills).

Companies leading by example include Anglo American, Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto, De Beers and Goldcorp, all of which have comprehensive community and sustainability programs in place.

The International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM), one of the leading mining organizations in the world, strongly urges member companies to implement social and environmental programs in operating areas, including health programs.

According to ICMM, the organization strives in addressing community health issues. “ICMM member community health initiatives will need to continue to learn from experience, to refine and evolve health programming to maximize and sustain health impacts.”

The following images display the positive results of mining initiatives in operating countries. 

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