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The November issue of Mining Global is live!

The November issue of Mining Global is live!

The November issue of Mining Global Magazine is here!

The cover star this month is Hatch. With over six decades of business and technical expertise in the mining sector, Walter Valery, Global Director Consulting, discusses how smart and strategic partnerships with industry leaders and institutes will further foster and enable innovative thinking in today’s mines to solve tomorrows problems.

We also speak with Sirius Minerals and how, through sustainable design excellence, the company’s $4.2bn Woodsmith Mine will completely disrupt the very idea of sustainability in mining and reintroduce the UK onto the global mining stage.

Our other star is Anaconda Mining and how the company drives growth through people and partnerships as it continues to digitally transform its gold mining portfolio across the highly prospective Canadian jurisdictions in Canada.

We find out how LlamaZOO is changing the perception of data through revolutionary 3D visualisation solutions, brining the technology of the gaming world into the mining of today.

With a perception that coal is on the way out as an energy source, emerging economies across Asia and Africa continue to identify it as a key contributor to future energy demands; we speak with the World Coal Association to see if coal is stronger is ever before?

As 2018 draws to a close, what does the current mining industry look like as we head into 2019? Our top 10 this month asks industry leaders to tell us the ten key trends that the industry is facing both now, and in the future.

Enjoy the issue!

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