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Bauxite exports from Malaysia hits 9 million tonnes despite mining ban

Despite being banned throughout Malaysia since January 2016, Bauxite exports are still on the rise.

A ban was placed on all bauxite mining, which had been largely unregulated throughout the country, due to public concern regarding water contamination and other significant environmental damage as a result of production.  

The ban covered mining of bauxite but still permitted exports of the mineral as a way of depleting the resources remaining across Malaysia.

Recent reports have revealed that Malaysia has exported close to 10 million tonnes of Bauxite to China, according to Chinese import data.

“For the last six months, we've received reports from residents about the presence of fresh excavations... That is why the volumes of the stockpiles do not go down," Fuziah Salleh, the member of parliament for Kuantan told Reuters.

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The news comes soon after the announcement that Malaysia had actually extended the moratorium on bauxite mining for another six months, which will be the sixth extension since January 2016.

"The extension of the moratorium will give space to industry players to clear existing stockpiles and prepare measures to mitigate pollution across the bauxite mining and export supply chain," said Wan Junaidi said in a statement.