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[SURVEY] Mining Industry Receives Positive Support in New South Wales

[SURVEY] Mining Industry Receives Positive Support in NSW

A recent survey by the New South Wales Minerals Councils shows support for the mining industry is at 70 percent, reflecting a positive community sentiment towards the industry in NSW. It’s the third year in a row the council has reported a 70 percent support for mining.

"It does help us to explain to the community and to those in politics that their perception of community sentiment is not reflected by reality," said Stephen Galilee, CEO of New South Wales Minerals Council. "Mining issues are in the media on a regular basis and quite often those issues are reported in a negative way.

He goes on to say the survey, which was conducted by an independent third-party, shows accurate results and reflects a positive attitude toward the mining industry in New South Wales.

"We know that the anti-mining organizations are quite vocal in the media and it's easy for people to get a skewed belief of what community sentiment towards mining is, but what these numbers show is that the vast majority of people... actually understand mining is important," said Galilee.

In the survey, 1000 people were asked the question: From what you have read, seen or heard about mining in New South Wales, even if it is just a slight leaning or guess, would you say that you support or oppose the mining industry in New South Wales?

Just under 90 percent of the people surveyed thought mining was an important aspect for regional areas in Australia.

“The public understands that we need a strong mining sector in NSW to create jobs and keep our state economy growing and the industry should be supported,” Galilee said.