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Environmental approval granted for Vimy Resources Mulga Rock Project

The site of the Mulga Rock Project, in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia. Pic: Vimy Resources Limited

Vimy Resources Limited, the Perth-based resource development company, has announced that it has been recommended approval from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for its Mulga Rock Project.

Mike Young, CEO and Managing Director of Vimy, said: ““This is a fantastic outcome, the EPA has undertaken a very efficient and thorough assessment and concluded that our Project should be implemented and we see no reason why the State and Federal Ministers would not agree with that assessment,”

Young also commented on environmental impact of the Mulga Rock Project, as the company is expecting disagreement and appeals from the local communities.

“This is a Project which results in no significant residual impacts to the environment. We set out how we would manage the project to achieve that outcome and now we have a positive recommendation with conditions that require us to do what we said we would do – and of course we will exceed those expectations. We will be mining a cleaner tomorrow and we’ll be doing it soon.”

The Mulga Rock Project, based in the east-north-east of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, will involve shallow open pit mining of four poly metallic deposits with commercial grades of uranium. It is expected to produce 1,360t of uranium oxide annually over its 16-year mine life.

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