Driving operational excellence using digital transformation

How the world’s leading gold miner is digitally transforming to rethink the mining life cycle

Luis Canepari
Newmont Corporation


Luis Canepari is the Chief Information Office (CIO) at Newmont tasked with leading the company’s implementation of technology on a digital journey towards operational efficiency and sustainability across its global operations.  

“Geographical dispersion is a big challenge which means Newmont is always looking to balance managing risk with implementing leading-edge technologies. We evaluate and balance cost and risk so that we can strategically adopt new technologies, while leveraging our global footprint and culture of collaboration to ensure rapid replication across our operations.” explains Canepari.

Canepari believes an entrepreneurial culture is an important element in ensuring technology is successfully deployed across Newmont. “Technology changes rapidly and an entrepreneurial approach to new technologies through ‘proof of concepts’ and iterative design allows us to maintain that balance between moving quickly and managing risk. I like my team to get their hands dirty, and make sure they are enabled to do the job themselves.”

Newmont’s IT department is made up of more than 200 employees and supported by an additional 300 contractors world-wide. “I like to hire talented people, with an entrepreneurial mindset who are able to make decisions and take accountability and thus drive a culture of collaboration and innovation within Newmont.”

Canepari has over 20 years of experience focusing on digital transformations to unlock productivity. Since the acquisition of Goldcorp in 2019, which saw Canepari take on the role of CIO at Newmont, he has been tasked with breaking down the silos to integrate the systems of two large organizations and upgrading and modernizing the technology across all locations. 

A global background, including roles at AES and ExxonMobil, has given Canepari the tools to take on the challenge and navigate the digital journey for Newmont. “We’re aiming to build a team with the diversity of thought to give us new ideas. A CIO in mining needs to think outside of the box and champion new talent who are excited to work with technology. This will help us realize a bright future for mining.” 



Blasting, drilling, hauling, the processes at mills – all aspect of mining will become increasingly automated over the next 20 years.

Luis Canepari | Newmont Corporation

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