Source14: Living Mobile by Flurry

Apr 22 - Apr 24 | USA, 135 4th St

About Event

In just five years, smartphones and tablets have become indispensable in the lives of more than a billion people worldwide, outpacing every comparable technology in terms of mainstream adoption. From booking a cab to ordering tacos, the experiences that make up our lives are glued together by one indispensible and addictive screen. 

Because of this shift, entire industries are being created and re-invented to capitalize on the opportunity to live with consumers like never before.

Source14 will bring together thought leaders and innovators to explore this transformation. The fast-paced one-day summit includes speakers from Samsung, Pinterest, Walmart, Pebble, Evernote, Yahoo, Glow, Waze, Skype, Whisper and more.

Join us on April 22nd in downtown San Francisco to discuss what is next, now that the world is Living Mobile.

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