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[VIDEO] Built For It: Caterpillar tees off new Driving Range video

When it comes to branding,Caterpillarcan do no wrong.The latest video from the heavy equipment maker combines two unlikely themes – golf and minin...

|Jun 16|magazine5 min read

When it comes to branding, Caterpillar can do no wrong.

The latest video from the heavy equipment maker combines two unlikely themes – golf and mining equipment – to create "Driving Range", the newest masterpiece from its viral video series Built For It.

Situated in the blistering landscape of Caterpillar’s Tinaja Hill Demonstration & Learning Center near Tucson, Arizona, the short film spotlights twin sisters Erimo and Marimo Ikeuchi – members of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) – taking their best shots at a one-of-a-kind course made entirely of moving equipment.

Watch as the Ikeuchi sisters battle it out, taking swings on a course comprised of five Cat machines -- 772G, 775G and 783F Off-Highway truck, 982M Wheel Loader, and CT660 On-Highway Truck – that make up the fairway, the hazards and the green.

“Driving Range”, the sixth installment in the Built For It video series, reveals just how agile some of the world’s largest mining equipment can be.

“While the equipment you see in the video is from our large mining equipment line, it really shows and demonstrates that while the 793F can have a full capacity load of 250 tons, it can still maneuver safely and quickly around all the other pieces of equipment,” said Archie Lyons, creative director at Caterpillar.

The video even combines Caterpillar’s connection to golf in Japan, as the equipment manufacturer annually sponsors the Japan LPGA’s Cat ladies Golf Tournament.

Hats off to Caterpillar; the company really knows how to brand itself.