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Ten of the best tweets from mining companies from August

Twitter can be a great tool. We wrote about it here – a company can achieve so much through its social media use. But is it all just 140 character...

Dale Benton
|Sep 2|magazine11 min read

Twitter can be a great tool. We wrote about it here – a company can achieve so much through its social media use. But is it all just 140 characters on the latest quarterly report? Which is great as it shows successes and progress – but not very easily engaged with.

Here’s 10 tweets from across the industry that we enjoyed throughout August:

Newmont Mining

Though it calls back to an article in July, this is a great tweet purely because the story behind it is exceptional. One female employee who decided that she wanted to succeed in a male dominated trade.  Elizabeth, the mining world is your oyster. Bravo

Anglo American 

Anglo American here with a bit of well-deserved back patting. What better way to show you that they have saved an unbelievable about of water through their process than a never ending gif of Horsehoe Falls, Niagara. We could stare at that waterfall for days.

Rio Tinto

Another gif here, but one that really captures the beauty that there can be in diamonds. Specifically, the 2.24ct Argyle Thea. Just look at it. It’s hypnotising – which I can assure you is not a sales tactic.

De Beers Group
Something a little different this time. De Beers Group owns some exceptional mine development space. Case in point – the Gahcho Kue diamond mine. Here the company is asking for us to vote on which image we think strikes us the most to feature as their homepage. We vote option 1. Purely on the colour contrast of that mine truck popping off the screen.

World Gold Council
The World Gold Council, as mentioned in our top mining companies to follow on twitter, took time out to tweet this very informative infographic. Just when you thought you had too much jewellery in your life you find out that China’s gold jewellery market stands at 784 tonnes!

Caterpillar will be at MINExpo this month and for those who will be in attendance, how on earth are we supposed to find them? Oh….

Joy Global
The Rio 2016 Olympics, as with all Olympics, has the whole world watching. Joy Global took the opportunity to remind its followers that not so long ago, two years in fact, some of its very own technology played a key part in Sochi 2014 Olympics. Oh, just the Olympic Torch Relay.

Atlas CopCo
Following on with the Olympic theme, Atlas CopCo highlighted that for mining companies, working hard can be rewarded. In this case? With a trip to the Olympics of course. See, investing in that flag was a good idea….

Komatsu America
How can a company showcase some of its innovative and game changing technology? Photos are good but glossy well cut video adverts? Yeah…they win

The Man Engine
And we finish our look at our favourite tweets with The Man Engine. This incredible piece of machinery, designed to shine a light (from his headlight) on the mining heritage of the South of England. If thousands of people adorning the streets wasn’t enough, here’s a huge Cornish pasty. Where can we apply to get ours?