Mining Operation
Global Sales by Product
  • Copper, about 80 percent of their global sales. 
  • Silver, about 7 percent of their global sales. 
  • Molybdenum, about 6 percent of their global sales. 
  • Zinc, about 3 percent of their global sales.
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    Selling Point
  • 47 percent of the copper is sold to United States. 
  • 30 percent of the copper is sold in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc.). 
  • 15 percent goes to Europe. 
  • Seven percent goes to Asia.
  • Competitive Advantages 

    The innovative machinery is also more efficient in regards to power consumption and helps automate the processes; an example of this is the solvent extraction and electro-winning (SX/EW) used by Grupo Mexico.

    Sustainable Development

    Grupo Mexico is one of the biggest promoters of: 

  • Trees: The company plants two million trees in surrounding regions. 
  • Nurseries: By developing these lands they provide an economic benefit to nearby residents. 
  • Wind farm: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increased their energy savings thanks to the establishment of a wind farm in Oaxaca, Mexico. 
  • Social Responsibility
    Human Resources

    They created the degree of mining engineering in conjunction with the government and have included more women in their operations.

    Facing the Future

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