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Glencore Technology

Glencore Technology

Glencore Technology develops, markets and supports technologies for the global mineral processing and metals smelting and refining industries. These technologies include ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ smelting processes, BBOC™ precious metal refining, IsaMill™ fine-grind and mainstream grinding technology, IsaKidd electrowinning and electrorefining technology, Jameson Cell flotation technology and the Albion Process oxidative leaching technology. 

Glencore Technology's IsaSmelt™ process
GPM Oxidative Leach Train
Glencore Technology's Hypersparge
Glencore Technology's IsaKidd™ robotic CSM
Albion process
Loading plates
Glencore Technology's Jameson Cell
Glencore Technology's IsaMill™ process
Glencore Technology