Cat releases 313 excavator with next-gen tech

Caterpillar is launching its new 313 excavator in Europe, with enhanced technology to increase both performance and safety.

|Jul 29|magazine3 min read

Finning, Cat’s distributor in Great Britain, has announced that the 313 range will feature built-in software to partially automate payload and grade guidance. Its smart mode also allows operators to run their engines at maximum efficiency, which could potentially reduce maintenance costs by a quarter.

Finning UK & Ireland’s head of construction, Steve Breen, applauded Caterpillar’s updated excavator: “The new 313 models come with a set of in-built technologies that radically improve their efficiency.

“Externally, tools like Cat Link telematics mean operators can make the most out of their data. ProductLink and VisionLink enable users to collect data automatically from their equipment like location, fuel usage and idle time and visualise it to make informed decisions on the construction site.”

Breen added that the new features will benefit not just the company, but for those who will be operating the excavators: “One of the other big changes with the new 313 excavator is the seat itself. Back pain is one of the most common reasons contractors miss work, so providing a more comfortable experience is central to a safer construction site. In addition, in the new models the controls are positioned directly in front of the operator, reducing chances of twisting and causing injury to the operator.”

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